Bringing clarity to cannabinoids.

Acute on Chronic believes in educated guidance to cannabinoids, alternative therapies, supplemental treatments, and support navigating a complex health system. We are here to provide clarity to cannabinoids and healthcare because we believe that access to treatment, evidence-based practice, healthcare equity, and defense of patient’s rights are vital to your health and well being.

We also speak Mandarin and Spanish.
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What We Do

We help people navigate the world of cannabis for specific health concerns from a medical knowledge base.

Single Session Consultation

From one-time options to dedicated support programs, we have a range of levels of support available to suit your needs.

Medical Cannabis Card

We can provide assistance during any phase of the process of obtaining your card.

Patient Advocacy

We can help you traverse the confusing and complex world of health care – from understanding medical language around procedures to exploring long-term care options.

Health Conditions

Cannabinoids offer potential solutions for a wide range of ailments. Check out our services for examples. Don’t see something on the list? Reach out and ask!


Rebecca Abraham, RN BSN

Acute on Chronic founder Rebecca Abraham is the leading expert on cannabis nursing and patient advocacy. 

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