Author: Rebecca Abraham

Cannabis Nursing: A New Dope Specialty

A cannabis nurse is a relatively new field in nursing. When I tell people I am a cannabis nurse they usually have no idea what that means. Let me explain. I have been a critical care nurse for 11 years at a top academic medical

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CBD Effects: It’s What You Don’t Feel

Have you ever heard anyone say “I tried CBD and it didn’t work?” Have you ever tried CBD yourself and thought it didn’t work? There are several reasons that this could be. First, about 88% of the CBD market is fake. So if you are

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taste of CBD

Don’t like the taste of CBD? Try these tips.

If you are brand new to the exciting world of CBD—or even a seasoned veteran—you may have noticed that it is available in a fancy-sounding format. A tincture.A tincture, a liquid solution of a substance, is a popular and effective method to utilize CBD. Taken

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